Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Magic of Branding

Here's something I was thinking about yesterday.

What are the first three words that you think of when you think...

  1. Pepsi
  2. Thums Up
  3. Coke
Here's my list of answers:

  1. More, Young, Cool
  2. Action, Akshay Kumar, Strong
  3. Bacardi, Aamir Khan... I don't know
Pepsi, on this admittedly unscientific test, managed to get three words that defined Pepsi's brand. Thums Up managed two, if you are willing to associate "action" with Thums Up. I am, because I think that's what drives their brand-building to a large extent.

Coke, in my mind, is associated with Bacardi, and it's brand ambassador. There's not a single word I could think of quickly enough to associate with the brand.
Now, as I type this, I remember the word "enjoy". But that's too little, too late, no?

And here's the worst part - I like the taste of Coke the best!

Is Coca-Cola India missing something here?

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